Forbidden love – love wins

When a couple fall in love but live in fear too. This brave couple prove, love wins Guest blog post from Richard Montgomery Chelsea and Nikita got engaged on 9th December 2018, at the Northern Ireland seaside resort of Castlerock, and asked me to take their engagement...

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Make history with your Gay Proposal

Are proposals the same for straight and LGBT couples? How do you go about proposing? Should I get an engagement ring? What engagement ring should I get? Diamond? Your proposal, you've been together for a while and you're thinking about proposing or you just can't wait...

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The Ugly Truth About Gay Weddings

Same-sex or gay weddings have been legal in the UK since 2014. However, legal doesn’t always mean open, accepting and welcoming. Homophobic comments, unconscious bias and discrimination are all still alive and kicking in the UK wedding industry. This topic is very...

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How to sort your Wedding cake in 3 steps

Today I've got a wonderful topic for you, it's Wedding Cake, here's 3 things that you need to be aware of - save money - create a wow - you wedding cake – your way. Cake is not cheap. There's my headline – cake is not cheap! Lots of people want a real bargain when it...

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Why wait? Benefits of a Last Minute Wedding

Welcome back to MyOhMy weddings we are the UK's only dedicated wedding planning service for the LGBT+ community. And today I'd like to talk to you a bit about last minute weddings, why wait for your big day? You've asked the question, you've gotten a yes. So, let's go...

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How Much Will My Wedding Cost? Same-sex budget advice

Let’s talk budgets, money, often the sticking point of any couple’s wedding planning journey. The big question How much will my wedding cost? Honestly, there is no exact science to setting your wedding budget but I can give you some guidance and a little bit of a...

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